Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of a Long Journey:

The Dismantling of the Guild of Book Workers "Marking Time" Exhibit.

On March 22nd, 2011 a group of volunteers assembled at the Library to dismantle the “Marking Time” exhibit that had been on display in Baker Berry Library since November of 2010.

Amongst the group, was Rutherford Witthus, one of the exhibitors. His book, Matan, Williams, Witten and Nagel, Crumpling a Thin Sheet, 2001, utilized the controlled spontaneity promoted by John Cage to produce crumpled pages. These are included in his book as well as beautiful printed scans of them.

It was a delight to have him here as we took a moment to have show and tell and he was able to illustrate how the pages were manipulated and handled.

For more information on Rutherford’s work visit his website.

After the show and tell and putting all the books back in their boxes, the team went to work with bubble wrap and packing material to get the books ready for shipping. Here students from North Bennet Street School busily match books with the right size shipping container and make sure the correct address is on the right box!

Elizabeth Rideout inspects the packages to make sure they are well sealed and RTG (ready to go).

McKey, loading the boxes onto trucks headed to the mail room for UPS pick up. It felt like an old friend was leaving after a wonderful visit. I hope all the binders were happy to finally get their books back.

Special Thanks to:
Linda Lemke, Rutherford Whittus, Stephan Stefanko, McKey Berkman, Arini Esarey, Erin Fletcher, Celine Lombardi, Anna Shepard. And most of all to the wonderful, thorough, and outstanding head of Shipping & Receiving, Jim Guay, without whom we would be at a complete loss.

Written by Deborah Howe

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