Friday, April 29, 2011

Preservation Tip of the Day #5

Each day this week to celebrate Preservation Week 2011, we'll be posting a handy tip to preserving your own collections. Stay tuned, and check back tomorrow!

Mold: Beware!

Mold can cause irreparable damage to all types of family heirlooms, precious books, and documents and it is an indication that your storage environment is unsound. Conditions that are too humid and warm can trigger a mold “bloom”. To keep items safe they need to be kept in a location that is dry and cool with air circulation: out of damp basements or garages, where the potential for water damage is elevated.

If you do find mold on your documents and you do not want to part with the item, seal it into a heavy plastic bag, place the bag in a freezer away from foodstuffs, and immediately contact a conservator. After handling any moldy object wash your hands. For more information:

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