Monday, May 9, 2011

Preservation Week Wrap-Up

Beautiful display of Preservation Services examples
Elizabeth Rideout answers questionsAnother National Preservation Week has come and gone! I hope you had an opportunity to benefit from our tips or attended the “Protect Your Treasures” event. If you missed it we had a great turnout: questions were answered, examples were shown, and many, many conservation supply catalogs were handed out.

We had experts to answer questions about photographs, digital objects, textiles, and books & paper. This photo shows a few of the items on display at the Books & Paper table. Notice the “Collections Care” catalog published by Gaylord. They very generously sent two-dozen copies along with their supply catalog; thanks also to University Products for their catalogs.

Special thanks goes to Helen Bailey, Stephanie Wolff, Deborah Howe, Beth Hetland, Elizabeth Rideout, and Margaret Spicer for making “Protect Your Treasures” a success.

The next Preservation Week is April 22-29, so mark your calendar!

Written by Barb Sagraves

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