Thursday, July 6, 2017

What a Thrill!

During the early summer months hiking in New Hampshire can be a sight to behold, even during the dreaded mosquito/black fly season.  The trail I've taken this time is the Blueberry Mountain trail, located in Glenncliff, NH (on Rt. 25, 10 miles east of the Rt.10 jct. in Haverhill).  It is a smaller mountain west of Mt. Moosilauke on the North-South Rd., the trailhead located a half mile from the winter gate prohibiting traffic.  (This trail can also be reached on the western end via Lime Kiln Rd.)  The Appalachian trail crosses N-S Rd. at the very beginning heading east towards Mt. Moosilauke, which is how I came across the trail.

Blueberry Mt. Trail (1.7 miles to the summit) begins at a parking area on a recently abandoned logging road, gently wandering through hardwood forests until veering up into the woods after an easy quarter mile walk.  The trail is moderate and steady, but never too hard.

Logging road

Into the woods.
On this summer hike I saw nature at its best, many bright pink visions of Mountain Azalea bushes and something I hadn't seen in many years, multiple patches of Lady Slippers all along the trail side.

Mountain Azaleas
Lady Slippers

Halfway to the summit there is a clear cut area with a beautiful view of both of Moosilaukes' peaks North and South.  On this humid and very hot day however, the clouds hid them.
Nearing the summit, the trees become more sparse allowing limited views to the south and east, with the trail becoming a bit more difficult and rocky.

Cloudy summit

The most impressive unobstructed view is of Mt. Moosilauke from just below the actual summit.  A wonderful natural sitting area is where I usually stop for a snack and water.  I know, wishful thinking on a hot day.

Returning down the same trail, I found another natural wonder directly across the road from the trailhead.  A large mountain stream that snakes its way alongside North-South Rd. makes a spectacular turn that can be viewed by descending a steep ravine to the base of a gorgeous waterfall.

Nothing like life in the cheap seats...Enjoy!

Written by Brian Markee

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