Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Imaging of the Dartmouth College Photographic Files Collection Completed

Dartmouth College Photographic Files We are very pleased to announce that the Digital Production Unit has completed imaging all of the photographs in the Dartmouth College Photographic Files Collection.  Work began scanning and shooting these photographs in 2012 and was completed in June of 2017.  There are 60,300 images available in the Dartmouth Digital Collections, CONTENTdm interface.  This collection of photographs, housed in file cabinets in Rauner Special Collections Library, continues to grow and Digital Production will add photos to the collection as they become available.  In addition, we will soon be adding a small collection of oversized images.  Work continues in Cataloging and Metadata Services to enhance the photo metadata in CONTENTdm.  This work should be completed later this year.  Other subsequent work includes exporting CONTENTdm metadata and converting it to MODS in preparation for moving the collection to another user interface.

View the collection here

First photograph in the collection:
Academic Gala, 1997, file: icon1647-0001-0000001A

Last photograph in the collection:
Zoology Department, file: icon1647-2068-0000005A

The Dartmouth College Photo Files are a diverse collection of approximately 60,000 photographs related to Dartmouth College, Hanover and the surrounding area.  Images date from the early years of photography (ca. 1850s) to the present and include images of nearly all aspects of Dartmouth College life including:
  • Major events (Winter Carnival, Dartmouth Night and Green Key)
  • Minor events (symposia and conference)
  • Dartmouth organizations from the Aires to Zeta Psi
  • Academic departments, foundations and centers
  • Sports from baseball to water polo
  • Dartmouth and Hanover buildings
  • Local businesses
  • Surrounding towns
  • Individuals associated with Dartmouth (students, alumni, presidents, coaches, professors and administrators).

Written by Bill Ghezzi

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