Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Digital Production Roundup

Sometimes great content comes through the Digital Production offices and we don't have a chance to share it. Here are a few of my favorite selections from recent shooting sessions:

"The Flayed Angel" by Jacques Fabien Gautier D'Agoty, available to view in Rauner Special Collections. Read more about it here

A design for a theatrical device by Denis Diderot, co-founder/chief editor/contributor to the Encyclop├ędie with Jean le Rond d'Alembert

Vintage ad from Dartmouth Alum Robert L. May's scrapbook. May created the Rudolph character in 1939; read more about him here

Concert posters from Dartmouth history, scanned for an exhibit in the Baker Berry Library: Fleshtones concert poster, 1983

Spring Formal poster with Duke Ellington

New Hampshire maps from the Evans Map Room, scanned as part of the Granite State Maps project

Map illustrations

Written by Ryland Ianelli

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