Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Arts Program Updates

Since the middle of summer there has been a busy hum of activity in the Dartmouth College Library Book Arts Studios.  The letterpress studios received a fresh coat of paint and the space was rearranged to create better work areas.  Bob Metzler obtained a Golding map press which now sits just inside the door to Rm. 21 and he also secured a donation of Garamond, Lydian, and Caslon type that had been used by the Golden Hind Press.  Bob and Won K. Chung took on the difficult job of moving our paper supplies and extra type out of an under-stair storage closet and into a much better location in Rm. 25.  Deborah Howe and Stephanie Wolff restocked the bindery studios and have everything in good order for the fall workshops.

Sarah M. Smith began her appointment as our first Special Instructor and she has been working with our current team of instructors to design workshops for the fall term.  We will be continuing Letterpress Orientation on Monday nights and adding two weekend workshops that will fulfill Letterpress Orientation requirements.  Open studio times are being offered during weekdays as well as Thursday nights in order to meet the demand for studio time.  Go to our EventBrite registration page to see complete descriptions and to register.

If you haven't visited the Studios please drop by sometime and say hi to Sarah.  She will be in the studios most weekdays from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Written by Barbara Sagraves.

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