Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preservation Statistics

As you're hopefully aware (maybe thanks to this blog), Preservation Services performs a wide variety of activities to ensure the long-term preservation of the library's collections, from circulating and non-circulating collections conservation to film assessment and commercial binding. What you may not know is that we also keep detailed statistics on all of the activities performed, to help us assess and evaluate our services and plan for the future.

Until 2009, we and all of the preservation departments among ARL libraries (that's the Association of Research Libraries) contributed our statistics to a collective preservation statistics report, which ARL gathered and put together each year. For many years, this annual document was a helpful resource for observing how preservation activities change over time, both within and across institutions. It was also useful to be able to compare the size, focus, and specific activities of preservation departments at various research libraries. Unfortunately, in 2009 the ARL Board decided to cease collection of preservation statistics.

However, Preservation Services still plans to gather statistics on our activities, because we find it helpful for our own ongoing review and assessment processes. What kinds of statistics do we keep? Well, here’s just a sample of what we gathered from the past fiscal year:

A summary of our statistics is always included in our department's annual report, so although we won't be contributing this year's stats to ARL, they are still available for other libraries and preservation departments who are interested in sharing data. And we hope that ARL or another organization will come out with a new aggregation of preservation statistics soon!

Written by Helen Bailey.

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