Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nothing Like Production

One of the advantages of treating general collections material is the similarity of treatments that can be performed en mass. This not only expedites and streamlines completion of tasks but enhances the conservator's work experience by offering a chance to practice speed and set time goals for large groups of material.

Book repair production line
Here is my colleague Stephanie getting ready to place down inner tissue hinges after completing basic cloth rebacks. As you see she has pre-cut the tissue so now all she has to do is paste them in.

Book drying production line
Here are the books having just received tissue inner hinges with the boards open for drying.

Stack of books for repair
And here is a satisfied worker with a stack of finished repairs. Often Stephanie will pick books of one color such as red.

A red batch, pre-repair

A red batch, post-repair
...and after.

It’s rewarding to see the finished set!

Written by Deborah Howe


  1. I love seeing the after shots, they are really satisfying. I feel that way about boxing, too.

  2. thanks beth for looking....stephanie is so great at batching these and they do look great when they are finished....deborah