Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Arts Prize Winners for 2012

The Book Arts Prize is a juried award given every year in recognition of excellence in the creation of a hand printed and bound book made in the Book Arts Studio by a Dartmouth College undergraduate.

This year the grand prize award of $500 was given to Taylor R. Campbell, '11 for his entry of "Resigned".
The colorfully bound, printed, and illustrated book contains dialogue between Number Six and Number Two from the 1967 British television show, The Prisoner. The judges considered the entry an impressive use of polymer plate printing with traditional letterpress.

Honorable Mention for the Book Arts Prize and recipient of a $75 award was Hye (Amy) Gu, '12. Ms. Gu’s poetry book, "Tagore", features the use of letterpress and blind stamping.

The award for Best Hand Bound Book went to Bridget A. Herrera, GR, for "Taino Myths".
Taino Myths
The book of broadsides illustrating authentic petroglyphs and pictographs of the Hispaniola people is a drum leaf binding that opens to each image and allows the viewer to be enveloped by the world the images creates. Ms. Herrera will receive a prize of $150.
Taino Myths

This year because of a number of high quality letterpress entries created with different processes the judges decided to recognize traditional letterpress printing and alternative printing techniques. Sarah Parkinson, '09, won for best Traditional Letterpress Printing with her entry of "Words in Orbit".
"Words in Orbit"

The best example of Alternative Letterpress Printing went to Bridget A. Herrera, GR, for "Deus Est Machina". Each winner will receive $150.
"Deus Est Machina"

Honorable Mention prizes of $75 went to Sarah Parkinson in the Alternative Letterpress category and to Do-Hee Kim, '12, for Traditional Letterpress.

All the winning entries are on display in the Treasure Room cases in Baker Library beginning Saturday, June 9 through the Fall 2012 term.

Congratulations to all the contestants and special thanks to the Friends of the Library for their support of this competition.

Written by Barb Sagraves.

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