Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adios & Happy Trails!

Sad news around the bunk house. Our Blog Wrangler, Beth Hetland, is heading west to a new job. Beth will be returning to her alma mater, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to teach comic art!

Beth has been the energy behind our blog, pushing us to meet deadlines so that we could have something fresh to post each week. Without Beth riding herd our good intentions to write up impressions of a conference or to share a conservation technique we'd wander astray.

Not too worry folks, a new Wrangler is taking over and I know she'll keep us moving. Helen Bailey, Preservation Specialist (and author of a dang good five part digital preservation series) is climbing into the saddle.

August 5 is Beth's last day and we wish her all the best.

Happy trails, Beth, until we meet again!

Written by Barb Sagraves

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