Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Digital Library Program (DLP) Project Update (11/22/2017)

 New Collection

David Brainard Diary - The David Brainard Diary is now available online.  The site has been added to the Digital by Dartmouth Manuscripts collections.  David Brainard was a member of the ill-fated Lady Franklin Bay Expedition (1881-1884), also known as the Greely Expedition.  It resulted in the tragic loss of all but six of the men.  One of the survivors, David Brainard, kept a diary of the expedition that we have in our collections.  The diary is written in pencil in a small notebook along with his record of stores issued during the last winter of the expedition.  David Brainard's Camp Clay diary is a meticulously kept account of the daily happenings at Cape Sabine on the Ellesmere Island coast, where the men of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition lived as castaways through the long and desperate winter of 1883-1884.

View the David Brainard Diary HERE

 Ongoing Projects

Oversized Photographic Files -- The Digital Production Unit has completed imaging the Oversize Photographic Files.  This collection of approximately 650 photographs is an extension of the Dartmouth Photographic Files Collection.  Photographs include images of alumni associations, faculty and staff, college events, student life, athletics, student clubs, buildings and grounds, and campus scenes.  The images span the years circa 1853-2000.  Moving forward with digitizing the oversized photographs will provide researchers, community members, alumni, faculty, staff and remote users with a complete collection of digital photographs.  Cataloging and Metadata Service continues to work enhancing the metadata for the entire collection.  We anticipate this work to be completed early in 2018.

View Dartmouth Photographic Files oversize images HERE 


Miraculously Builded in Our Hearts: A Dartmouth Reader -- This Reader, addressed particularly to Dartmouth graduates, student, and friends, will also appeal to others interested in the history of higher education in America.  "While preparing this volume," the editors write, "we developed fresh appreciation for that peculiar slice of humankind known as the men and women of Dartmouth, who in Hanover learn to analyze the verse of Milton, explore fluid dynamics, wrestle with Lu Xun, confront Aquinas, discover radiogenic isotope geochemistry, climb Moosilauke, build their own kayaks, sharpen an ax with a dual-grip handstone, and slip across a snowy campus on cross-country skis to an early morning class on Flaubert."

Written by Bill Ghezzi


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