Friday, March 17, 2017

Ten Facts from the Dartmouth Digital Collections

  1. There are 37 digital collections in the Dartmouth Digital Collections
  2. All collections are open access collections 
  3. All collections are available world wide
  4. Dartmouth Digital Collections include books, films, lectures, manuscripts, typescripts, maps, music, dissertations, photographs, and posters
  5. With few exceptions, all collections are the result of highly collaborative projects overseen by the Dartmouth Digital Library Program
  6. Since January 2017 we have imaged 3,300 photographs for the Dartmouth Photographic Files Collection
  7. There are over 2,000 maps in three map collections
  8. There are over 140 compositions of Jon Appleton to listen to
  9. Our growing collection of Dartmouth Dissertations has over 1,000 dissertations available to view and download
  10. There are 50 open access ebook titles available for download on the Dartmouth Digital Publishing site 

Written by William Ghezzi

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