Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Every day my in-box has several notices about the hottest digital preservation blog post, current trends in library services, or think pieces.  Most days I give them a quick scan perhaps setting a couple aside for closer reading.  Here are a few items worth a second look:

Digital Preservation Handbook, revised 2nd edition:
This was a fantastic resource when it was published in 2001 (the decision tree was my favorite part) and the update looks even better. With new case studies, video clips, recommended technology it is in a soft launch with more sections being added and revised.  Bookmark it -- you'll go back again and again.

Digital Preservation Matters:
Chris Erickson's blog summarizes news articles and reports about the work of digital preservation. Subscribe if you haven't already; something new and thought provoking every time.

NMC Horizon Repor: 2016 Higher Education Edition:
Ya' gotta read it so you won't be surprised when the predictions are played out in your library. Interesting organization of solvable, difficult, and wicked difficult problems.  Is augmented reality coming to a library near you?  In 2-3 years it will be!

HathiTrust Print Monograph Archive Planning Task Force Final Report:
I love it!  Deep thinking into creating a monographic print archive.  The report is a broad outline of how a monographic print archive can be built on the strength of the existing digital collection contained in HathiTrust, the guiding principles, and challenges to create it.  If you love collection management (seriously, who doesn't?) it's fun to read the considerations and framework for an ambitious multi-phased project.

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team (Charles Duhigg, New York Times Magazine)
As librarians we collaborate and spend time in project & committee meetings.  Why are some committees and teams more effective than others?  Google threw their resources into solving that question and discovered what some have known all along: "In the best teams, members listen to one another and show sensitivity to feelings and needs."

Enjoy reading!

Written by Barb Sagraves

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