Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Samplings of Student Work in the Book Arts Workshop, part 2

In part 1 of Samplings of Student Work in the Book Arts Workshop we saw the finished product of many projects.  Here are some photos of the work as it was happening.

Mallory Byrd '19 made this great transparent book for the course, Collage: Bridging the Gap, photo 1 

Mallory Byrd, photo 2

 Mallory Byrd, photo 3

 Jordan Craig '15 and Isaac Smith '15 made awesome books for Studio Art Senior Seminar.

 Here's another shot of Jordan Craig's Senior Seminar books using the Coptic style binding.

 Carly Schnitzler '16 punches out all the vowels in her letterpress printed book.

 Kassaundra Amann '16 used leaves and bark to create her plates for pressure printing the pages to her book, photo 1

 Kassaundra Amann, photo 2

 Marie Schwalbe '16 needed a range of purple paper so she printed it on the Vandercook!  Photo 1

Marie Schwalbe '16, photo 2

 Carly Schnitzler '16 at it again, setting and printing a lot of type!

John Gilmore '17 got a chance to print in just about every way available.  Here he is using polyer plates on the Vandercook.

The Studio art course, The Artist's Book and the Film course, Handmade Cinema got together to make a film using letterpress, nature printing and rubber stamps, photo 1

The Studio art course, photo 2

It was a busy time during finals for the Photo 1 and 2 students. 

For History of the Book students as well!

Written by Sarah Smith

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