Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Final Countdown

Now in the homestretch of the U. S. Congressional Serial Set Project the Readex/Dartmouth team is working through some end-of-project tasks. With only a few weeks of the project remaining, our end date being May 31st, it is time to check through the collection to discover volumes with missing labels, and compile a list of volumes that remain missing. Over the years of processing incoming and outgoing Serial Set volumes it has been standard procedure to take note of any missing volumes and make a note in a spreadsheet which lists the entire set. Early in the project each volume was assigned a barcode which is also indicated on this master list.

After reading all the number labels of Serial Set volumes in the stacks, a list of approximately 400 numbers was typed and printed. In an effort to match existing labels on early volumes the numbers were printed on taupe colored Moriki tissue and consolidated with a klucel-G solution to prevent fading.

One by one each new label will be glued to its' corresponding volume.

Finally, when the approximately 100 remaining volumes are returned from scanning, they will be repaired as needed, checked for labels, and returned to the stacks. Farewell my dear Serial Set!

By Elizabeth Rideout

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