Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Last Lot

As scanning of the Serial Set winds down at Newsbank it seems that there are many things to count, and to count down. There are, of course, the usual tasks of keeping track of Serial Set volumes passing through Preservation Services, charging them to the appropriate library accounts to track their whereabouts and pushing them around on book trucks. In addition, an accurate count of volumes which are repaired is included in monthly departmental statistics. As for counting down, it’s hard to say how many more volumes will need to be repaired. This won’t be known until all the volumes have been returned and looked over by a technician. However, the last outgoing Lot of books have been packed and shipped. This Lot, Number 25, included forty-two volumes of House and Senate Journals ranging 1981 to 1994. Will this be the last time I wrap a book truck in lavender shrink wrap? Probably not, but it’s a significant benchmark anyway.

House and Senate journals getting ready to go

Written by Elizabeth Rideout.

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