Monday, April 23, 2012

Preservation Week Pointer #1 - Family Treasures

Preservation Week: April 22- 29, 2012. This week on the blog we're highlighting Preservation Week with daily pointers for preserving your personal collections.

When you sit down and think about how many different types of materials you have that represent family history and treasured memories, it can be quite overwhelming. Newspaper clippings, letters, scrapbooks and ephemera, photos, film, video, computer files and DVDs are some common examples. Methods of handling and storing each item will directly influence longevity and use by future generations. Preservation Week is an opportunity to take action and address some of the needs of your valuable personal belongings.

To help you determine what you can do, check out these online information resources:
Preservation Week at Dartmouth College Library is part of an annual event sponsored by the American Library Association to raise awareness of preservation issues and solutions. For more information visit our website.

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