Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keeping it safe

In the conservation lab we have a fume hood.

This is a large chamber that pulls air away from the person standing in front of it, allowing us to use chemicals such as acetone and toluene without breathing in the fumes. Mostly we use these chemicals to remove tape from documents.

It is important to keep the fume hood area clean and free of debris.

Once a year, as a requirement from Environmental Health and Safety, we get a checkup visit from B and V testing.

This year our visit was from Michael Maxwell. To measure the velocity of the air, he uses a wand called an air data multi-meter.

This will show a read out of the feet per minute of the air movement.

The required air flow must measure between 80-120 feet per minute, at this rate, the light weight air molecules, are pulled up and away.

Thanks to Michael, for checking in on us! We passed with flying colors.

Written by Deborah Howe

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