Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a taste

This week we have a very special treat! A guest blog from our very own Stephanie Wolff, Dartmouth Library Preservation Services' Conservation Technician. When faced with an interesting repair she offered to blog about it.

So without further ado, take it away Stephanie.

Every once in a while a book comes in for repair with damage from an animal chewing it. This often occurs at the corners of books, such as on this particular volume.

Though these pages are intact with no damage, it is important to fix the corner, so the cover can continue to fully protect the text block from any future accidents.

To repair the corner I first wanted to prepare the cover to hold a new piece of board. I made a straight cut at the edge of the damage, through the black paper covering material, so my new piece would fit well. I then evened out any bumps in the rest of the damaged corner. Then I took a piece of mat board about the same thickness as the book board and trimmed it to a triangle, with a square corner and slightly oversized. I peeled back some of this new board to evenly fit onto the remains of the old in an overlapping manner. After gluing these pieces together, I then glued both front and back of the new corner with paper, anchoring it onto the existing board at the same time. Once dry I trimmed the outer edges of the new corner piece to the final size.

Finally I covered the front of the new corner board with black paper, overlapping the old black paper slightly, and attached a new pastedown corner piece on the inside cover. Done and back to the stacks, with the board able to fully protect the text once again.

Written by Stephanie Wolff

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